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Friday, 03 May 2019 15:34

Compression pump effectively reduces swelling.

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Swollen legs are nothing new to Martina*, 72. She’s had them for nearly 50 years. It’s a problem that started when she had her second child. She went to numerous doctors and tried various treatments over the years but found little relief. Martina’s (alias) leg swelling from venous disease and lymphedema was treated with a compression pump from Acute Wound Care in Bonita Springs.

“I’m on diuretics and have been for a very long time,” Martina shares. “I tried compression hose, which really didn’t do anything. I still had swelling and discomfort, which rated a nine on a scale of one to ten.”

One of the causes of Martina’s leg problem is a condition called venous insufficiency. This occurs when the tiny valves in the leg veins that keep blood flowing in one direction – toward the heart – begin to fail. As a result, blood refluxes backward and pools in the legs, causing swelling and pain. Making matters worse, Martina also suffered from lymphedema, or excess fluid in her lymph vessels. Lymphedema also results in swelling of the limbs.

When treatment for Martina’s venous insufficiency provided only limited relief from her leg swelling, her vein specialist recommended a compression pump from Acute Wound Care. Acute Wound Care is a fully accredited home medical equipment provider specializing in hospital-grade compression devices and specialty wound-care dressings.

Two-Way Treatment

Like many patients referred to Acute Wound Care for compression pumps, Martina had already exhausted most conservative options for the treatment of swelling from venous insufficiency and lymphedema, notes Alyssa Parker, certified compression therapist with Acute Wound Care.

“Even after methods such as elevating her legs and wearing the hose, Martina still had symptoms of chronic fluid accumulation and heaviness in her legs,” Alyssa reports. “In Martina’s case, not only will the compression pump relieve these symptoms, it will also prevent progression of her venous disease and lymphedema.

“Our easy-to-use compression pumps remove fluid that has accumulated in the legs or arms. The pump’s limb-sized sleeves gently massage the limb, draining any excess fluid back into the body’s circulatory system so it can be naturally eliminated. Compression pumps increase circulation in the affected limbs while alleviating any painful symptoms.”

The compression pumps can also be used for patients with chronic wounds and non-healing ulcers, which can occur in people with venous insufficiency. The pumps assist in the wound healing process by circulating the healing factors in the blood.

“The pump’s sleeves are reusable and can be washed off with a damp cloth,” Alyssa describes. “If patients have open wounds, they can use the pumps, as long as the wounds are covered.”

Once Acute Wound Care received Martina’s prescription, a compression therapist contacted her to review the next step and answer any questions. After that, the therapist delivered the device, set it up and explained how to use and care for it.

“A therapist came to my home, set up the pump and talked to me for a while,” Martina confirms. “The therapist was excellent. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable, even about insurance and Medicare.”

The compression pumps from Acute Wound Care are prescription devices and are approved and covered by many commercial insurers.

Ongoing Benefits

Martina continues to elevate her legs whenever she sits, which she says helps reduce the swelling somewhat. But nothing helps more than her compression pump from Acute Wound Care. She counts on it for consistent relief of the swelling and pain from her venous insufficiency and lymphedema.

“I use the compression pump an hour at a time twice a day, morning and night,” Martina relates. “Afterward, my legs look and feel much better. Then they’re about a five, which is better than nine. When it gets hot or I walk a lot, my legs really swell up. Being able to come home and use the pump makes the pain better.

“Acute Wound Care’s compression pump is the only thing that’s ever really helped with my leg swelling and discomfort. I plan to continue using it.”

*Patient’s name withheld at her request.

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