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About Acute Wound Care

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Acute Wound Care is an in-home licensed medical supply company specialized in wound care and compression devices. We provide hospital grade compression pumps; they are approved by Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances for the treatment of venous insufficiency and lymphedema. Our company supplies high quality wound care products and surgical dressings that allow patients to treat their wound at home while lowering their chances of infection, cost, procedure time, and aftercare. We are licensed by Medicare and Medicaid. We are HQAA accredited as an in home medical supply company.


Provide the highest quality of wound care dressings and compression devices direct to the patient’s home. Ensuring individualized patient care that provides guidance and education to maximize independence, provide relief, and achieve maximum health.


To be a leading medical supplier specialized in wound care application and compression devices while continuing to exceed expectations of patients and health care professionals.



We build relationships with each patient, ensuring all their needs are met


Patients receive next day wound care supplies to their door step

Individualized Care

In-home compression pump installs where patients receive individualized care


AWC carries top of the line specialty dressings from leading manufacturers


Patients appreciate the savings with covered treatment options


We play an important role in a patient’s healthcare team and understand that each situation is unique. Together with our team of experts, including certified compression therapists, patient care, and reimbursement specialists, we conduct personalized assessments of patients’ needs, helping providers and patients alike.

Our Patient Care Team guides patients through their Medicare and insurance benefits, disclosing what supplies and treatments are covered to prevent unwelcome surprises during a patient’s healing journey. Our convenient ordering options ensure timely delivery of wound care supplies and compression devices, with installation overseen by our certified compression therapists if purchased through us.


Our convenient ordering options deliver wound care supplies and compression devices to your patient’s doorstep the next day anywhere in the United States. If you live in the state of Florida, we have certified compression therapists that can oversee the installation of any compression device purchased through us.

Careers at Acute Wound Care

Being qualified in the medical field is just the start of a career at Acute Wound Care. We look for professionals who are committed to the same values we are — providing quality care that meet our customers’ needs with service that exceeds their expectations. Is that you? Then apply online today!