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Holiday Travel and Limb Swelling

Holiday Travel and Limb Swelling

The holidays are right around the corner, which means many will be traveling to visit their loved ones, or for those of you who are snow birds you’re heading home to the warm weather down

What to Do with Slow Healing Wounds

As we age, in the normal course, our body's ability to heal itself will slow. This is natural. This is where we may need additional help from specialty dressings. The number one cause of a

Why Diabetes Can Result in Hard to Heal Venous Ulcers in Patients with Chronic Lymphedema

Why Diabetes Can Result in Hard to Heal Venous Ulcers in Patients with Chronic Lymphedema

CLICK HERE to read our full article on why diabetes can result in hard-to-heal venous ulcers in patients with chronic Lymphedema.

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Breast Carcinoma-Associated Lymphedema

Disruption of the lymphatic circulation through breast carcinoma-associated axillary lymph node dissection, with or without radiation therapy, reportedly is the most common cause of lymphedema in developed countries. There is no cure for breast carcinoma-associated

Chronic Limb Swelling and Key Treatment Options

One of the most common misdiagnosed conditions is chronic swelling; edema. For those of you who experience swelling, or a feeling of heaviness, aching, or painful fluid retention in a limb on a daily basis,

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Cervical Cancer and Limb Swelling

CLICK HERE to read our full article about cervical cancer and limb swelling.

Comparing Different Treatment Options for Lymphedema

Are you currently looking at various options in treating your chronic swelling?CLICK HERE for a detailed whitepaper comparing the Flexitouch System vs. The Bio Compression 3008 System.

Combined Modality Treatment of Lymphedema

CLICK HERE to read the full white paper on the modality treatment of Lymphedema using the Reid Sleeve and the BioCompression/Optiflow System

Best Practices for the Prevention and Treatment of Venous Ulcers

Brian Kunimoto, MD, FRCPC; Maureen Cooling, RN, ET;Wayne Gulliver, MD, BMSc, FRCPC; PamelaHoughton, BSc, PT, PhD; Heather Orsted, RN, BN, ET; and R. Gary Sibbald, MD, FRCPC In recent years, the Canadian Association of Wound

Compression Devices: Effective treatment for limb swelling

Many individuals attempt to manage their limb swelling through various treatments such as compression stockings, exercise, diuretics, and elevation with little or no results. Limb swelling, also known as edema, may be a symptom of