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Chronic Limb Swelling and Key Treatment Options

One of the most common misdiagnosed conditions is chronic swelling; edema. For those of you who experience swelling, or a feeling of heaviness, aching, or painful fluid retention in a limb on a daily basis, you should not overlook these symptoms as trivial. Any 0f these symptoms are potential red flags to your body’s response to a serious underlying condition that should not go untreated.

Common conditions misdiagnosed as edema are lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency. Patients who have these conditions are at a higher risk of an infection, e.g. Cellulitis. Cellulitis may occur when normal skin flora enters a break in the skin, individuals may then experience a burning sensation, swelling, or edema. This article should help you identify possible medical conditions that are pertinent to you. Locating an appropriate treatment may offer you a better quality of life.