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Causes and Symptoms for Limb Swelling

What does limb swelling have to do with your lymphatic system? The lymphatic system serves as one of the body’s main highways throughout its network of vessels and ducts, for body fluid entering into the

Understanding & Effectively Managing Your Chronic Limb Swelling

A compression pump is widely recognized as effective treatment option for limb swelling. Compression pumps are a safe way to assist your body’s circulatory system in moving the excess fluid which has accumulated in the

In Home Compression Therapy

In Home Compression Therapy

A common challenge faced in the medical field is finding the cause of an individual’s limb swelling. Any limb swelling may be your body’s red flag to a potential underlying condition. When swelling in a

Treating Lymphedema In The Comfort Of Your Home

“People would see the swelling in my hand and arm and say ‘Oh my God,’” says Naples resident Paul Borsari. Borsari is living with chronic lymphatic leukemia, which caused severe swelling in his arm, and lymphedema.

Compression pump effectively reduces swelling.

Compression pump effectively reduces swelling

Swollen legs are nothing new to Martina*, 72. She’s had them for nearly 50 years. It’s a problem that started when she had her second child. She went to numerous doctors and tried various treatments

Home Relief for Venous Disease, Lymphedema, and Wounds - Living Local

Home Relief for Venous Disease, Lymphedema, and Wounds - Living Local

For years, Larry Shanaberger has been getting treatment for his venous insufficiency, a condition in which his veins are unable to efficiently circulate blood from his extremities back to his heart. Venous Disease & Lymphedema